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Company activities

The scope of KCS company activities covers the full range from detail design to hand over of total cleanroom configuration. The regular scope of KCS supply normally covers the whole cleanroom and all what is underneath the cleanroom ceiling including lights, sockets, pass throughs ao. This prevents misunderstandings on interfaces between parties.  Offering HVAC system and Turn-Key package is dependent on client preference to split or combine packages.  Either way KCS can be the full service cleanroom contractor

  • Detail cleanroom (and HVAC) design and advice
  • Product adjustments to follow specific requests
  • CAD and BIM software to integrate with external parties
  • Direct communication with cleanroom expert

  • Modern own factories with short lead times
  • Strict quality control to maintain advanced industry standards
  • High flexibility in speed, volume and product adjustments
  • Strong and fast After Sales Service

  • Skilled project and construction management
  • In time and in budget project execution
  • High safety for personnel and products
  • QA and QC during installation and finishing

  • Standard qualification program applied
  • Acceptance procedures executed and documented
  • FAT and SAT programs for all components and products
  • Compliance with FDA an cGMP and ISO 14644

  • Multi skilled maintenance teams available to solve any problem
  • Short respond time and fast delivery of any product
  • Long supply guarantee on products and materials