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LLE Low Level Extract (air return wall)
Wall systems

The KCS air return walls (LLE) consist of the Flex wall structure.

This structure allows to integrate the Low Level air Extract units (LLE) to be fully integrated in any KCS wall system at any location and panel selected.

The LLE has an easy cleanable sloped finish and is protected by a hidden stainless steel grill with easy demountable magnet connection for cleaning. The inside of wall shaft is cladded with steel cover and airtight finished with silicone. The air return hood through ceiling opening at topside is mechanically airtight and flexible to any (flexible) connection of HVAC system.

Since KCS Flex walls are flexible to thickness any air return capacity can be adopted in wall system satisfying the air balance inside the cleanrooms.


  • Suitable for any grade or classification
  • Fully integrated in any KCS wall systems
  • Sloped finish for better air flow, hygiene and esthetics
  • Magnetic click in SS-grill for easy cleaning
  • Any size or thickness available
  • Connection to HVAC by air-return hood above ceiling


Surface: High resistant coated steel (As surrounding walls)
Various surface options available
Width:Module size 1200mm
Any size available
Height:Follows height in cleanroom
Thickness:module size 100mm
Any size available
Dust connection:By Air return hood above ceiling
Any ø duct connection available


  • Full floor sweep (front part of wall hanging above floor, no sloped finish)
  • Easy Replaceable air return filter
  • Glass air return wall with a hinged panel on one side for cleaning

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