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Swing Doors
Door solutions

KCS Swing Doors are designed for sterile and/or hygienic environments. Doorframes fit flush in wall and are suitable for every cleanroom application. The Doorframes are equipped with integrated reinforcement for door closers, Durable TPE rubber and PVC lockboxes to prevent leakage through lock openings. The unique KCS steel Door blades are seamless all around and have a high resistant powder coated surface. KCS doors have standard Stainless steel door-hardware but are suitable for any required hardware.


  • Unique seamless door blades
  • Single and double doors in all heights and widths
  • Windows, double glass flush in door, various sizes
  • Multiple door options (access, Locks, protection, etc.
  • Suitable to fit any wall system


Door Types: Single-/Wing-/Double door
Door and door frame
High resistant powder coated steel
Net. Opening height:Any size available
Up to 3500mm
Net. Opening width:Any size available,
Up to 1300mm for single door
Thickness Door frame:Module size 100 or 60mm
Any thickness available
Thickness Door blade:40 mm


  • Flush integrated double glass window W500xH800mm (other glass sizes possible)
  • Fully glass doors
  • Integrated adjustable drop seal
  • Protection: SS kick plates, SS corner profiles (on doorframe)
  • Integrated adjustable grill
  • Manual or electric door closers
  • Fully integrated KOMPA Door closer (see specification KOMPA)
  • Read contact to monitor door movement
  • KCS interlock incl. integrated controls in doorframe (see KCS interlock specification)
  • Locks: Multiple options available
  • Hardware: Multiple options available

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