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Cover Window-Flush

KCS Cover windows are a suitable solution to create a fully flush GMP finish in front of any outer window. The single glass cover window module is installed in front of any outer window and made according to the exact measurements (WXHXD). The finish between windows is completely sealed to avoid dust between windows.  The Window module is easy to install and fits in any wall system


  • Fully flush connection to surrounding walls
  • Easy replaceable glass
  • Possible to combine with any wall system
  • Possible to combine with Fire rated windows
    (To creates GMP finish for Fire rated windows)


Surface: Surface Safety glass 3.3.1
Various glass types available
Size:According to outer window sizes
Inner finish:Coated steel
According to wall color
Thickness:Module size 100 or 60mm
Any thickness available


  • Various glass types: fire resistant/ UV resistant
  • Safety and escape windows as emergency provision in wall system
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Built-in electric blinds incl. remote control

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