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ACW Acoustic Wall
Wall systems

KCS acoustic walls serve as sound absorption walls in cleanroom environment.  These walls reduce noise levels in cleanrooms for a human friendly working environment. The acoustic panels are flush fully integrated in main wall structure. These acoustic panels are cleanroom compliant and resistent against all standard cleaning detergents applied in cleanrooms.

In case of damage the panels can be easily demounted and replaced.


  • Flush integrated in KCS Flex wall system
  • Easy demountable or replaceable
  • Hygienic and easy cleanable finish
  • Maintain flexibility to integrade piping and tubes inside wall
  • Washable, moisture resistant
  • ‘Built IN’ and ‘Built ON’ options available


Surface: Pes Based PVF-Film-White
Thickness:Type clean 25: 25mm
Type Clean 50: 50mm
Width:Any size available (max per panel W1200xH1200mm)
Weight:Approx. 0,5 kg/m²
Sound Absorption class:2A (aw 0.90-1.00)


  • ‘Built IN’ and ‘Built ON’ options available
  • Air tight Backing plate for dismantling/replacement in GMP environment

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