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Other Cleanroom Lights
Cleanroom lights

KCS has several lighting solutions to match any requirement.

KCS can also integrate almost every brand and type of lighting fixture into the Cleanroom system. We are happy to advise in the correct light fixture selection. To guarantee the selected light fixtures matches the requested output KCS can supply a light calculation based on the design.

Below a list of several Light options KCS can provide.

Possible lighting fixtures

  • Slim build on LED light (budget friendly slim LED light mounted under the ceiling)
  • Teardrop light (Led light lines modular connected to each other)
  • Emergency lighting
  • Signal light in various colors


  • Protection grade IP65
  • Plug: EU/Wieland/etc.
  • Emergency power (UPS battery)
  • Dimmable
  • Various color temperature (4000K/5000K/6000K)
  • CRI (color render index CRI>80/CRI>90

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