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Other Door Solutions
Door solutions

KCS can supply and integrate almost every type of door solution in the KCS cleanroom system.  Therefore we are able to supply a variety of door solutions (doors or hardware) Based on the requirements, requests, budget and/or design challenges we can assist in finding the right solution to fit any configuration.

Possible door solutions

  • Fire rated Hermetic sliding doors
  • ATD-Air tight Door System Incl. inflatable gaskets
  • Swing doors with HPL Finish
  • Cold room doors
  • Automatic dooclosers Built on or fully integrated in dooframe
  • Manual doorcloser-Built on or fully integrated in doorframe
  • Any type of electrical lock (possible to connect to KCS Interlock system)
  • Any type of Emergency lock, paddle, Turn nub or Push bar
  • Read contacts (for door status signal to BMS system)

Please contact KCS for any specific door solution

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