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PTB Pass Trough Box – Active
Pass Through boxes and Airlocks

The KCS pass through box is an easy to use to pass through box to help materials and products transfer between rooms without cross contamination.

The KCS pass through boxes-Active has an integrated FFU unit and can be made to any size or requirement.  Air Extraction can be done by low level extraction in inner PTB wall (recirculation) or overflow grill toward adjacent room With a fully smooth finish on the in- and outside combined with multiple options in finish and features the KCS pass through box fits any requirement.  


  • Build to any measurement or requirement
  • Flush double glazed windows with SS door hardware
  • Integrated control system for FFU and interlock
  • Integrated validation connection ports and service hatch
  • High resistant flush Steel finish on inside and outside
  • Multiple features (Stainless steel finish/Full glass doors/Round corner finish)
  • Possible to fully integrate in KCS wall systems


Size: Any size available
Power input:220-240V
Activation: Push button or No-Touch button
integrated signal function
Lock: Pinlock or magnet
Active air inlet: Integrated FFU
Programmable to desired requirement
Interlock: Programmable delay-Relock-recovery time


  • Stainless steel surface inside and outside
  • Round coving finish inside box
  • 3 doors in 1 pass through box
  • Fire rated 30-60 min.
  • Integrated HEPA filter box incl. DOP test connection
  • Integrated air return in walls or overflow grill (adjustable)
  • Integrated (UV-)lighting and/or UV filtered glass
  • Touch screen control unit with programmable flushing program

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