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Flamingo Sliding Doors
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The FLAMINGO hermetic sliding doors have a heavy duty aluminum railing system for long term solid use protected from any deflection or tolerance during movement. The rail system is combined with the latest automatic engine technology, completely safe with various options for specific operational requirements.

The Door leaf is flush and easy cleanable with various surface options like HPL, coated steel, stainless steel, glass a.o.

The Flamingo technology and flexibility creates the perfect sliding door for any user following all critical qualifications.


  • Sliding movement by unique long life aluminum rail system
  • Air tight Hermetic closure maintains consistent Air pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Safe, reliable and low in maintenance with Smooth silent operation
  • Smooth hygienic surface and completely flat door panel
  • Excellent sound reduction creates quiet working environment
  • Steel or fully glass door panels available


Door Types: Hermetic/Standard
Surface:High resistant powder coated steel/ HPL/Full Glass/Stainles Steel
Rail SystemAnodized Aluminum
Safety:Intergrated resistance sensor
Optional safety sensor in Dooropening


  • Flush integrated double glass window W500xH800mm (other glass sizes possible)
  • Fully glass doors
  • SS kick plates
  • Integrated adjustable grill
  • Various access control options (No touch sensor/Push buttons/Kickswitch)
  • Combine with KCS interlock (see KCS interlock specification)
  • Hardware: Multiple options available
  • Emergency supply unit (UPS)

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