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Crash Barriers-Stainless Steel
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KCS heavy-duty stainless steel crash barriers will protect your walls from damage and scratches while providing an easy cleanable finish and concealed connection point.

The Crash barriers are designed to fit any room configuration.


  • Stainless steel rail with strong concealed mounting case
  • Easy to clean and highly resistant to cleaning detergents
  • Suitable for every floor type
  • Floor and wall mounted solutions possible


Surface:Fully Stainless Steel
Anchoring to FloorCOncealed Solid plug
Size:Any size available (max 3000mm)
Edge:Rounded with smooth fully welded connections
Finish:Low Gloss polish/Mat polish/Brushed


  • Optional wall mounted version
  • Combine with Kickplates for protection doorleafs
  • Combine with Protection poles (for heavy protection of doorframes)

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