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Interlock System-Local controlled
Interlock systems

KCS Interlock system enables doors to be blocked or opened to prevent open connections between rooms. The Interlock hardware (buttons/magnets/Emergency buttons) can be integrated in wall and doorframes and is easy to program to desired configuration. The KCS interlock is suitable for any classification

The KCS Local controlled interlock system has and individual control box near every system. Each Interlock system operates individual and therefore reduces vulnerability. The stable system is PLC controlled and easy to program to any desired configuration.


  • Local Stand-alone unit with Long and stabile life-cycle
  • Suitable up to 5 doors per local system
  • Plug and play system easy to install
  • Flexible to use in any environment
  • Easy to combine with automatic door closers, card readers, sliding doors
  • Safe emergency system
  • Programmable local control box


Activation options:Push button/No-touch button/ao.
With integrated signal light
Lock options: Magnet/Pinlock/Electrical lock
Emergency:Emergency push button
Overrides local system
Input voltage:220-240v
Output voltage: 24v
Connection to:BMS/Fire alarm


  • Signal alarms (door open too long)
  • Countdown clock (intergrated)
  • Various activation control options (card reader/fingerprint/eye scan)

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