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Tulip Sandwich Wall System
Wall systems

The KCS Tulip sandwich wall system is a lightweight completely flush sandwich wall system.

The hidden connections to floor tracks and ceiling create a fully flush surface wall with minimum silicone lines . The double floor tracks underneath absorb floor height differences up to 40mm. Each Tulip sandwich wall panels have all around integrated aluminum double-teeth profiling creating a strong and firm wall. Piping and cabling can be integrated in each wall panel by prefabricated cable trays.


  • Light weight panels
  • Fully Flush system
  • Fast cost friendly installation
  • Integrated cable tray for electrics and piping
  • easy to combine with other KCS wall systems


Surface: High resistant coated steel
Various surface options available
Filling panel:Aluminum Honey comb or Rockwool
Width:Module size 1200mm
Any size available
Height:Up to 4 meter per panel
Any size available
Thickness 60mm or 100mm
(panel Th: 60 mm)
Alu Honeycomb 11 kg/m²
Rockwool 18 kg/m²


  • Various surface options available (stainless steel/VHP resistant)
  • Integrated cable tray for piping and electrics
  • Round coving
  • Service hatches

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