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UCF Unwalkable Ceiling
Ceiling systems

The Unwalkable Ceiling Flush (UCF) is a fully flush ceiling system with hidden grid.

The panels are easily individually replaceable by safe click in system.

Lights and air inlet are simply to integrate and clipped in hidden grid.


  • Light weight easy cleanable steel ceiling panels
  • Hidden grid to ensure fully flush air tight finish
  • Panels individually removable
  • Easy integration of light and inlet boxes
  • Secured easy click-in system


Surface: High resistant coated steel
Various surface options available
Panel size:Standard module: 1200x600mm or 600x600mm
Any size available
Wieght5 kg/m²


  • Other steel surfaces available (stainless steel/VHP resistant)
  • Panels filling to increase insulation values
  • Acoustic panels flush built in
  • Bioled PRO lighting fixtures (LED) flush built in
  • Special cleanroom adoption of ceiling height differences

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