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REMO Walkable Ceiling
Ceiling systems

REMO (Removable) walkable ceiling is an individually demountable ceiling system. Each ceiling panel can be demounted without effecting any other panel.  The REMO system is a flexible cleanroom ceiling system suitable for any classification. The hidden grid system results in a fully flush ceiling . The large module size minimize silicone lines and secure a fully air tight long life ceiling solution. 

Remo ceiling panels are easily individually demountable and replaceable.


  • Sandwich panel with integrated hanging profiles
  • Surface completely smooth and flush
  • Panels individually removable
  • Light fixtures flush integrated in the ceiling
  • Ceiling openings at any location, prefab in KCS factory


Surface: High resistant coated steel
Various surface options available
Panel core:Aluminum Honey comb or Rockwool
Panel size:Standard module: 1200x2400x60mm (WxHxT)
Any size available
Load capacity:100 kg/m² (approx. 200kg per panel)
Options to increase load capacity


  • Other steel surfaces available (stainless steel/VHP resistant)
  • Reinforcement to increase load capacity
  • Inprint opening for Fully flush integration of light and H-Vac
  • Service hatch with rubber seal flus built in
  • Bioled PRO lighting fixtures (LED) flush built in
  • Special cleanroom adoption of ceiling height differences

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